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Conference Note-Takers Needed

Conference Note-Takers Needed

This is a short-term employment opportunity for students interested in being note-takers for plenary and breakout sessions at a Flood Analytics Colloquium, co-hosted by RENCI (Renaissance Computing Institute) and the Department of Homeland Security’s Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence.

Results of the Colloquium will be used to impact the future of flood analytics on the federal level, using new and emerging technologies and ideas from a broad spectrum of sectors.

Note-takers are needed throughout the event, and organizers will pay an hourly rate of $15 for those who participate. If you take notes for a session around lunch, they will also be happy to feed you. Students can sign up for one or multiple shifts.

Location: RENCI, 100 Europa Drive, Chapel Hill, NC
Dates: Nov. 7 – 9, 2017
Parking is free and right next to the building.


  • Personal laptop


  • Interest in big data, analytics, environmental science
  • Graduate students

If interested, contact Josh Kastrinsky at to learn about the event and available shifts.

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