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ResearchTalk Data Integration in Mixed Methods and Qualitative Studies

ResearchTalk Data Integration in Mixed Methods and Qualitative Studies

If you will conduct more than one qualitative or mixed methods project in your career, the courses offered during ResearchTalk’s December Data Integration in Mixed Methods and Qualitative Studies event should be required.

Here is a major takeaway principle from each course:

Analytic Transitions: Integration and Bridging in Qualitative Analysis
Instructors: Ray Maietta and Paul Mihas
Date: December 6, 2017
Resist the temptation to simply code and categorize text as a passive activity that divorces text from context. Instead use dynamic analysis tools, like memoing and diagramming, that foster a focus on the integration of key ideas throughout the life of your project.

Exploring the “Mix” in Mixed Methods Research: Meeting the Challenges of Data Integration
Instructor: Margarete Sandelowski
Date: December 4-5, 2017
Points of integration between your qualitative and quantitative data should be directive to your mixed methods work. Instead of focusing on the quantitative data and then stopping to work on the qualitative (and vice versa), consider letting the ‘mix’ that emerges from a project defined by both types of data direct project decision-making and data engagement.

To truly understand processes of daily life, we need to be responsible to how component parts of our evolving analysis integrate, not just how they stand alone.

Come to Carrboro, North Carolina to reset your methods approach.

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