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SMS Distribution Available to UNC Qualtrics Users for $500

UNC Qualtrics users now have access to the SMS distribution module. While the license fee is paid by the university, an individual must pre-purchase an allotment of text messages for their account in order to distribute surveys via SMS. The minimum allotment of text messages available for purchase is 50,000 messages for $500, paid directly to Qualtrics. Therefore, minimum cost to access the SMS module is $500. Text allotments are user-specific and cannot be shared with other users, but they never expire once purchased.

From within the Qualtrics interface, the SMS module allows the user to text Qualtrics survey links to any mobile number within or outside the U.S., provided the owner of the device has given prior express consent. Two-way functionality is also available within the U.S. or the U.K. Two-way SMS allows survey questions and answers to be transmitted one question at a time over separate SMS messages, but may not be used to collect sensitive data.

For questions about capabilities of the SMS module, see the Qualtrics SMS support page. To request access to the SMS module, complete the SMS Request Form. This agreement details the legal requirements of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and explains cost and billing procedures. Additional questions may be directed to

For more information about Qualtrics at UNC, please see the Qualtrics page on our website.

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