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Trent Buskirk

Director, Center for Survey Research
Professor, Department of Management Science and Information Systems
University of Massachusetts Boston

Dr. Trent D. Buskirk is the Novak Family Professor of Data Science and the Chair of the Applied Statistics and Operations Research Department at Bowling Green State University. Trent received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Arizona State University with emphasis in Survey Sampling. Since that time, Dr. Buskirk has developed specific expertise in Mobile and Smartphone Survey Designs and Data and in the use of machine learning methods for developing sampling designs and adaptive survey protocols. Trent has held positions in Academia and Industry including Director of the Center for Survey Research at UMass Boston and as an Associate Professor of Biostatistics at Saint Louis University, as well as the Research Director in Measurement Science for the Nielsen Company and Vice President for Methods and Statistics at the Marketing Systems group.

Currently, Trent’s research is focused on the infusion of machine learning and other data science methods within the social sciences and survey research with specific attention to various aspects of data quality within big data sources. Trent also has research interests in dual frame weighting for cell phone surveys, smartphone survey mode effects and in comparisons between quality of estimation using both Probability-based and non-probability based panels in the context of nonresponse bias adjustments, mode effect evaluation and coverage issues.

Dr. Buskirk’s research has been published in leading survey, statistics and health related journals such as Field Methods, Journal of Royal Statistical Society, Social Science Computer Review, Journal of Official Statistics, Preventative Medicine, Cancer, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Survey Methods: Insights from the Field and Methods, Data and Analysis, Public Opinion Quarterly and the Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology. Trent is recently the Past President of the Midwest Association for Public Opinion and served as the 2018 Conference Chair for the American Association of Public Opinion Research and has recently been named a 2017 Fellow of the American Statistical Association. When Trent is not working or thinking about surveys, sampling, or smartphones ad research, you can generally find him playing resident prince to his two princesses or playing an action packed game of Pickle ball!


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