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Celebrating our Team: Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week

April 1-7 is Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week. We’re thankful for Odum’s many graduate and professional student faculty members and their contributions to teaching and research at the institute and UNC-Chapel Hill. The Graduate School and the Graduate and Professional Student Federation (GPSF) will host events throughout the week celebrating their achievements, so visit the event page for more information.


Thu-Mai Christian

Thu-Mai Christian is Assistant Director for Archives at Odum and a current PhD student at the UNC School of Information and Library Science. She’s worked at Odum for almost a decade and her research focuses on data management and sharing, as well as reproducibility. Thu-Mai holds a Master’s Degree in Information Science with a concentration in Archives and Records Management from the UNC School of Information and Library Science. She also holds a B.A. and M.A. in art history!





Jon Crabtree

Jonathan Crabtree is Assistant Director for Cyberinfrastructure at the Odum Institute. He is currently enrolled in the UNC School of Information and Library Science doctoral program with his research focused on the auditing of trusted repositories. Jon came to Odum more than twenty-five years ago and is responsible for designing and maintaining the technology infrastructure that supports our wide array of services.

In addition to serving as president of the International Federation of Data Organizations and helping lead the Global Dataverse Community Consortium, he leads a development group supporting the use of Dataverse for data publication and verification workflows for journals. Outside of cyberinfrastructure and digital preservation, Jon enjoys offshore big-game fishing.


Kasha Ely

Kasha Ely is a Chapel Hill native and the Odum Institute’s public communications specialist. She transferred to UNC-CH from Alamance Community College through the C-STEP Program, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the School of Media & Journalism with a specialization in photojournalism. In 2017, she returned as a graduate student and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Digital Communications.

Since joining Odum in 2015 as a videographer, her role has expanded to include oversight of the Institute’s communications and marketing. She also provides graphic design and video production services to the UNC community and Odum’s outside partners. Kasha loves hand embroidery and owns ten chickens, two dogs, two cats and one salt water fish tank!


Paige Ottmar

Paige Ottmar is from Fargo, North Dakota and studied cognitive neuroscience as an undergraduate. She’s pursuing a Master of Health Administration (MHA) in the Health Management & Policy department at Gillings and a Master of Science in Information Science (MSIS) at the School of Information and Library Science. After she graduates in May, Paige plans to travel over the summer and work at a healthcare consulting firm in Chicago this fall.

Paige works as a Qualtrics Consultant at Odum. She discovered the power of Qualtrics during her undergraduate years, and she’s provided help and guidance to UNC’s Qualtrics users since October 2016. This semester, her consulting hours are 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. on Mondays and 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Thursdays in Davis Library room 228D. On top of her studies and position at Odum, Paige ran two marathons last year. She also performs as a violinist with the Chapel Hill Philharmonia.

Bailey DeBarmore

Bailey DeBarmore grew up in Raleigh, NC, and studied nutrition at Cornell University and University of Virginia. She transitioned into epidemiology with a Masters at Johns Hopkins University and now is a third year PhD student in cardiovascular epidemiology at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health. She’s been working at Odum since Summer 2018. Bailey enjoys answering students’ statistical questions while also teaching them tips and tricks, and getting them started with good data management practices.

When she’s not studying or assisting students at Odum, Bailey enjoys the outdoors with her rescue pup, Riley. Bailey writes about graduate and post-graduate life on her blog at and also blogs about cardiovascular epidemiology for the American Heart Association on the Early Career Voice. You can find her on Twitter (@BaileyDeBarmore) posting about statistics, kindness in academia, and epidemiologic methods.

Tyler Steelman

Tyler Steelman is a third year Ph.D. student specializing in American politics and political psychology. Prior to coming to UNC, he received a B.A. in Political Science from High Point University and a M.A. in Political Science from Appalachian State University. Tyler joined Odum two years ago. He works as a Stats Desk Consultant during the academic year and a Qualtrics Help Desk Consultant during the summer.

Steelman’s current research focuses on non-territorial forms of representation in the United States. He is also involved in an ongoing project developing a method for redistricting using ZIP codes as the building blocks for districts. This project has recently been published in the Election Law Journal.


Austin Bussing

Austin Bussing is a PhD candidate in Political Science, studying American politics and methodology. His research focuses on policy making and the separation of powers, and he’s also interested in party strategy within the US Congress. Austin uses formal theory, quantitative methods, and qualitative interview research to gain insight into the ways in which our political institutions shape the behavior of elected and unelected government actors. Prior to his enrollment at UNC, he received a Master’s of Science in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Texas at Austin.

Austin joined Odum in 2018 and works at the Help Desk and as a Statistical Research Consultant. He’s currently reading a biography of Ulysses S. Grant and rewatching Arrested Development and the West Wing.

Gloria Kim

Gloria Kim is pursuing a M.S. in Biostatistics at Gillings School of Public Health and will graduate this May. This semester, she’s working on her Master’s paper with areas of interest in mediation analysis and high dimensional data. Upon graduation, she will join Eli Lilly in Indianapolis as a Senior Statistician—Computation. Before coming to UNC, she studied Statistics and Economics at UCLA.

Since she joined Odum at the start of this year, Gloria has helped undergraduates, graduate students and research assistants with questions related to manipulating data, conducting statistical analysis, interpreting statistical models, making visualizations, formulating research questions, and troubleshooting other miscellaneous issues primarily in R and SAS.

Gloria Kim enjoys traveling, cooking and trying new things. She’s currently learning Japanese on top of her Master’s studies!

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