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Odum Offers New Certificate in Survey Science

The Odum Institute is pleased to announce its new graduate Certificate in Survey Science (CSS). This 12 credit hour program provides the essential skills for designing, collecting and analyzing survey data. Students complete courses in Survey Data Collection Methods, Questionnaire Design, and Survey Sampling and one survey-related elective from a department of their choosing.

The Certificate requires:

  • 12 hours of semester coursework
  • 28 classroom hours of short course instruction in specialized topics
  • 40 hours of hands-on data collection experience

The CSS replaces the Certificate Program in Survey Methodology (CPSM) and requires five fewer credit hours. With prior approval of the program director, elective and short course credit may now be awarded for courses on data science topics that utilize or integrate with survey data, such as machine learning, text mining, neural networks or others.

The CSS is open to degree-seeking graduate students in any UNC department, and to working professionals in the local area through the UNC Friday Center for Continuing Education. Students at Duke, NCSU, and other local universities may receive the Certificate through the universities’ Interinstitutional Program. All courses are taught live on the UNC campus, and one course is shared with Duke University through a video link. 

Interested in survey courses but not the full certificate? CSS courses are open to all graduate students, and are cross-listed in three UNC departments: Sociology, Political Science and City & Regional Planning.  

For additional information on any aspect of the Certificate or training in survey science, email  

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