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Staff Spotlight: Leah Massey

A headshot of Leah Massey.Prior to joining the Odum team in 2019, Leah Massey honed her administrative skills for 10 years working in nonprofit and healthcare organizations. She was first drawn to the profession because, while she enjoys working “in the background,” she often found herself in leadership roles and enjoyed being the one to keep things running smoothly. Originally an English major, she found that her skills and creativity allowed her to succeed in an administrative capacity.

After growing up in nearby Chatham County, NC, and spending 10 years in Connecticut, Massey returned home in 2018 to be closer to family and to pursue a new role within the UNC Healthcare system. Her desire to work in a university setting is due in part to her lifelong love of learning.

In 2019, she noticed a posting for another position at UNC that mentioned using skills to assist faculty and students in their research. Impressed by Odum’s offerings, she decided to apply and soon became the staff’s newest administrative support associate.

In her current role, Massey likes to say that she is everyone’s assistant at the Odum Institute. She performs general administrative functions and ensures everyone has what they need to succeed. She also takes great pleasure in fostering organizational morale and team building by planning staff activities. When working in person, Massey supervises a number of work-study students.

Since joining the Odum Institute, she has learned a lot about social science, and has had the opportunity to step into more supervisory and coordinating roles. She is excited to continue developing skills in grant writing and program management, while simultaneously continuing her academic studies in business administration. A recent accomplishment is the establishment of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Research (DEIR) certificate program, of which Massey is the program manager.

In her free time, Leah enjoys spending time with her daughter and family, and considers herself a lover of science fiction, fantasy, and writing.

Since Odum staff began working from home last spring, she continues to touch base with staff members and perform administrative tasks such as ordering, scheduling, maintaining documents and databases, as well as focusing on developments for the DEIR program. Even from home, Massey manages to foster a sense of connectivity amongst the staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


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