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Staff Spotlight: Tyler Steelman

Author: Eh Mwee

A headshot of Tyler Steelman.From managing licenses for Qualtrics to TAing for Data Matters to supporting journal verification, you name it and Tyler Steelman has done it! Tyler is Odum’s Qualtrics Consultant and helps faculty, students and staff troubleshoot their surveys for programming and development issues.

Tyler was born in High Point, NC, but grew up in Thomasville, NC. Later, he decided to pursue his undergraduate studies at High Point University where he double-majored in political science and music performance. He continued his academic journey at Appalachian State, where he earned his Master’s in political science before coming to UNC-Chapel Hill to pursue his Ph.D. in political science. Since arriving at Carolina, Tyler has developed an advanced background in survey programming and the Qualtrics software.

The first person he met when visiting UNC-Chapel Hill was Odum’s former director, Dr. Thomas M. Carsey, who welcomed him with open arms. Shortly thereafter, Tyler joined Odum in the fall of 2016, where he worked as a stats desk consultant and then moved into consulting for Qualtrics.

Now, having been here for 5 years, Tyler says he’s learned a lot from his co-workers, clients, and has learned a lot about himself.

“I learned a lot about Qualtrics through helping others and I learned a lot about my professional likes and dislikes,” Tyler said. “I spend 5-10 minutes catching up with [my clients] about their days and know a lot of these people besides their survey issues… I also like how this is a very interdepartmental role and I’m able to meet a variety of people through what I do. For example, I’ve met and helped people from the school of dentistry, pharmacy, the arts and science, public health and so much more.”

Tyler is co-author of two recent articles called, “Minmaxing of Bayesian Improved Surname Geocoding and Geography Level Ups in Predicting Race” and “Redistricting out descriptive representation, the harmful effect of splitting zipcode on the constitutive-representative link”, which was recently accepted for publication. Last year, Tyler was appointed by the Town of Chapel Hill to the Parks, Greenways, and Recreation Commission and is currently the elected chair of the commission, making him a park advocate!

In his free time, Tyler likes to bike, play videos, and watch television. Tyler’s favorite video game is Mario + Rabbids and is currently watching season two of Ted Lasso. A fun fact about Tyler is that he is a trained percussionist. Tyler’s goal in life is short and sweet: “Eat good food, laugh with friends, and visit fun places.”

Check out Tyler’s website:

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