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Staff Spotlight: Akio Sone

Author: Stephanie Flores

A headshot of Akio Sone.Give a warm welcome to Akio Sone, one of Odum’s applications analysts—ask Sone himself however, and he prefers the title of Odum’s software developer or engineer.

In hand with catching and fixing any bugs, one of Sone’s key responsibilities is to customize Dataverse, the open-source repository software application for archiving, sharing, and accessing research data hosted by Odum. For two decades, Sone has helped Odum create collaborative partnerships with the Dataverse and accompanying projects.

Sone moved to Durham in 2009, but is originally from the Boston metropolitan area. He made the move to the Carolinas once his wife started medical school at Duke University. His relationship with Odum began before he started working for the institute, however. Back in Massachusetts, his previous job had a collaborative relationship with Odum. This connection allowed Sone to seek out a position at Odum once he made the move to North Carolina, and he officially joined the team in 2010.

One of Sone’s favorite parts about Chapel Hill and Odum is the transportation, which makes it very easy for him to get to UNC without a car. He hopes to continue contributing to Odum’s collaborative partnerships with Dataverse and other projects to expand Odum’s technical capabilities and attract potential partners and funding agencies.

When Sone isn’t helping Odum and working on the Dataverse, he loves catching up on “Life Below Zero,” a series airing on National Geographic. While he’s not necessarily a reality TV buff, he’ll make an exception for this one.


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