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Discussion and Practical Application of Data Visualization Best Practices Using Survey Data (Online)

Online NC, United States

  This course will be offered via Zoom only and will not be recorded. The purpose of this course is to present best practices for creating graphics from survey data and provide guidance for developing a critical eye that will … Read more

Usability Testing in Survey Research

Usability Testing in Survey Research  Usability testing in survey research allows in-depth evaluation of how respondents and interviewers interact with questionnaires, particularly web and mobile surveys. A respondent may understand the survey question and response options, but may be unable … Read more

Integrated Mixed Methods: Bridging Qualitative and Quantitative Methods and Results (Online)

Online NC, United States

This course and waitlist are now full. We are no longer accepting registrations. This course will take place over three mornings (9/26/22, 9/28/22, and 9/30/22), 2.5 hours per morning, and will be offered via Zoom. Attendance is required as the … Read more