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A headshot of Tyler Steelman.

Tyler Steelman

Qualtrics Consultant & Archives Verifier

PhD, American Politics & Political Psychology

228E Davis Library

Tyler Steelman is a third year Ph.D. student specializing in American politics and political psychology. Prior to coming to UNC, he received a B.A. in Political Science from High Point University and a M.A. in Political Science from Appalachian State University. Tyler joined Odum two years ago. He works as a Stats Desk Consultant during the academic year and a Qualtrics Help Desk Consultant during the summer.

Steelman’s current research focuses on non-territorial forms of representation in the United States. He is also involved in an ongoing project developing a method for redistricting using ZIP codes as the building blocks for districts. This project has recently been published in the Election Law Journal.


Tyler is available to provide consulting and support in the following areas:

  • Technical Qualtrics questions