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Luna Vanaman

Integrated Marketing and Communications Manager
229A Davis Library

Luna Vanaman, Odum’s new Integrated Marketing and Communications Manager is an interactive media producer with 20+ years’ experience in visual storytelling, integrated marketing for both high level ad agencies, and higher-education entities. She has a background in critical design thinking and creating interdisciplinary, multimedia communications.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and a master’s degree in arts and liberal studies, with a focus on critical design, from North Carolina State University. She has worked on campaigns that leverage visual communication techniques and critical analytics to create compelling, leading-edge stories that position clients as pioneers, explorers, thought leaders, and stars.

She is interested in authentic communication that seeks to elevate voices and stories that might otherwise go unnoticed. Visual communication is a critical representation that connects and synthesizes a single, coherent story from a jumble of information.

She works to meet media consumers wherever they are while providing paths to accessing complex ideas, imagery, and content. She wants clients to feel seen and to be made real and tangible for media consumers.

She strives to keep clients’ stories at top of mind for consumers by leveraging and then challenging the latest trends in media technologies, data analytics, and vertical marketing. All aspects of her campaigns work synergistically to produce an experience that lingers in the memory of consumers and makes them curious to know more.