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To celebrate its 19th year, the Qualitative Research Summer Intensive (QRSI) is introducing 8 new courses and 5 new qualitative scholars. Continuing our tradition of integrating foundation courses with new topical courses, ResearchTalk, Inc. and UNC’s Odum Institute will hold the 2022 Qualitative Research Summer Intensive as an exclusively online-only event.

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Course Schedule


Monday-Tuesday (July 25-26)

Wednesday (July 27)

Thursday-Friday (July 28-29)

Wednesday-Thursday (August 3-4)

Friday (August 5)

Doing Qualitative Research Online
Tony Adams and Kevin Swartout
NEW: Conducting Qualitative Interviews: Developing and Maintaining an Active and Engaged Posture
Alison Hamilton and Ray Maietta
Coding and Analyzing Qualitative Data
Johnny Saldaña
NEW: Applying Qualitative Methods in Implementation Research: Developments and Innovations
Alison Hamilton
Episode Profiles: Capturing and Analyzing Holistic Stories of Each Data Collection Episode
Alison Hamilton and Ray Maietta
Fundamentals of Qualitative Research Johnny SaldañaNEW: Engaged Spirituality in Qualitative Inquiry
NEW QRSI SCHOLAR Crystal Fleming
NEW: End Game: Using Qualitative Data to Maximize Social Justice Research in Policy and Media
Rashawn Ray
NEW: Demystifying the Qualitative Dissertation
Glenda Prime and NEW QRSI Virginia Byrne
NEW: Equity-Centered Approaches to Qualitative Research
Integrated Mixed Methods: Bridging Qualitative and Quantitative Methods and Results
Alison Hamilton
Moving toward Presentation and Publication: Principles and Practical Steps
Sarah Tracy
NEW: Innovations in Rapid Turn-Around Qualitative Research
Alison Hamilton
NEW: Narrative Inquiry: Methodological Lessons from Studying and Storying LGBQ Identities, Relationships, and Desires NEW QRSI SCHOLAR Keith Berry, Tony Adams, and NEW QRSI SCHOLAR Catherine GillottiResearcher Subjectivity in Qualitative Inquiry: Making Social Research Complex, Ethical, and Accessible
Tony Adams
Make Your Research RESONATE: Crafting Claims and Building Theory in Qualitative Inquiry
Sarah Tracy
Writing Effective Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Proposals
Sharron Docherty
Synthesizing Qualitative Data Johnny Saldaña and Matt Omasta
*Participants can choose one of the courses listed in this section*Participants can choose one of the courses listed in this section*Participants can choose one of the courses listed in this section*Participants can choose one of the courses listed in this section*Participants can choose one of the courses listed in this section

Daily Schedule

The schedule for all courses each day

  • 10:30 AM Eastern — Classes begin
  • 1-2:20 PM Eastern – Lunch break
  • 5:00 PM Eastern — Classes end



Early Registration

  • All payments must be made to “ResearchTalk”
  • EARLY REGISTRATION: $265.00 per one-day course
  • EARLY REGISTRATION: $530.00 per two-day course
  • EARLY REGISTRATION ends Monday, April 25, 2022
  • To obtain early registration pricing, full payment, or payment guarantee via organization PO (purchase order), must be received by April 25, 2022.
  • On April 26, 2022, if your payment or payment commitment has not been received, the price for your courses will be changed to standard registration rates.

Standard Registration

  • All payments must be made to “ResearchTalk”
  • STANDARD REGISTRATION: $315.00 per one-day course
  • STANDARD REGISTRATION: $630.00 per two-day course
  • STANDARD REGISTRATION ends Friday, July 5, 2022
  • Your seat is not officially held until payment is received in full. If full payment or payment guarantee via organization PO (purchase order or equivalent) is not received by July 5, 2022, your registration will be canceled.
  • All registration questions should be directed to


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