Data Science

At the Odum Institute, we see data science as a microscope that exposes patterns and relationships hidden behind the big (and often messy) real data, so as to provide knowledge and insights into the underlying systems. It involves infrastructures to handle the data, scientific methods to analyze the data, and domain knowledge to make sense of the analyses. The Institute offers consultation on a variety of data science topics, as well as various services. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Odum’s data scientist, Bill Shi.

Data Analysis


Data Collection

Odum can help with social network data collection, including survey design and implementation, and general online data collection through web scraping or public APIs, as well as assistance with database setup and uses.

Data Analysis

We can perform network analysis, including measuring node centralities, predicting network links, clustering network nodes, statistical network modelings, etc. Besides networks, consultations on “big data” analysis are also available, including topics such as text analysis, recommendation systems, and various machine learning techniques.


Help is available in general Python programming, R, and Gephi.

Research Collaboration

Bill Shi’s main research areas are network science, data science, and computational social science. He welcomes collaborations at all phases and can also help with research design, grant writing, and data analysis.