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Odum Offers New Certificate in Survey Science

November 12, 2019

The Odum Institute is pleased to announce its new graduate Certificate in Survey Science (CSS). This 12 credit hour program provides the essential skills for designing, collecting and analyzing survey data. Students complete courses in Survey Data Collection Methods, Questionnaire … Continued

Odum Staff Spotlight: Cathy Zimmer

September 24, 2019

Odum Staff Spotlight: Cathy Zimmer By Alana Edwards Cathy Zimmer first visited the Odum Institute upon entering UNC-Chapel Hill’s Sociology PhD program in 1980. At the time, Odum was still called the “Institute for Research in Social Science” prior to … Continued

Multiple Imputation: Methods and Applications with Jerry Reiter

March 1, 2018

Multiple imputation offers a general purpose framework for handling missing data, protecting confidential public use data, and adjusting for measurement errors. These issues are frequently encountered by organizations that disseminate data to others, as well as by individual researchers. Participants … Continued

Introduction to Focus Groups

November 9, 2017

Introduction to Focus Groups   Focus group interviews are commonly used for survey development, content development, and qualitative data collection to capture rich information about attitudes and beliefs that affect behavior. An overview of the basics of focus groups supplemented … Continued

Issues in the Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data

October 26, 2017

Issues in the Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data   This one-day short course will provide participants with an introductory overview of issues frequently encountered when conducting secondary computer analyses of data collected from sample surveys with complex multi-stage designs … Continued

CSS Faculty: Emily Geisen

March 2, 2017

Emily Geisen Odum Instructor and Senior Experience Management Scientist, Qualtrics Emily Geisen is a Senior Experience Management Scientist at Qualtrics. She specializes in designing user-friendly survey instruments to improve data quality and reduce respondent burden. Prior to Qualtrics, she spent … Continued

CSS Faculty: Gordon Willis

March 2, 2017

Gordon Willis Adjunct Odum Instructor and Questionnaire Design Consultant Gordon Willis is Cognitive Psychologist in the Behavioral Research Program, National Cancer Institute. Prior to that he was Senior Research Methodologist at Research Triangle Institute, and he also worked for over … Continued