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SRMD is a large collection of hundreds of large-scale social science teaching and research datasets and tools specially engineered to support research training across campus through:

  • The supply of teaching datasets designed for hands-on practical teaching of data analysis, data literacy, and data visualization.
  • The easy discoverability and re-use of robust, topical and interesting social research data by students doing research projects and dissertations.
  • The provision of big data datasets to enable users to train to become data scientists.


Each dataset included in SRMD has been created and developed by leading academics and made available on the platform as excel and word files, enabling easy export into SPSS, R, SAS, NVivo and other data software program.

All datasets are also accompanied by:

  • a short description of what the dataset contains and shows;
  • a number of visualizations illustrating how the data can and should be analyzed and represented visually, and;
  • an explanation of how to use the data to teach different methods of analysis.


Odum staff members have spent 7 years developing materials and tutorials for this project.

Due to our staff’s contributions, SAGE has granted access to this powerful tool to the entire UNC-Chapel Hill community.


Use the links listed in the accordion below to discover some of our most popular sets: