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Admin Staff:

A headshot of Todd BenDor.

Todd BenDor



A headshot of Rocky Riviella.

Rocky Riviella

Managing Director


A headshot of Kasha Ely.

Kasha Ely

Manager of Marketing and Media Relations

A headshot of Leah Massey.

Leah Massey

Administrative Support Associate


A headshot of Jill Stevens.

Jill Stevens

Education Coordinator


Archive Staff:

A headshot of Thu-Mai Christian.

Thu-Mai Christian

Assistant Director for Archives

A headshot of Mandy Gooch.

Mandy Gooch

Research Data Archivist

A headshot of Cheryl Thompson.

Cheryl Thompson

Research Data Archivist

Research Data Information Systems Staff:

A headshot of Jonathan Crabtree.

Jonathan Crabtree

Assistant Director for Research Data Information Systems


A headshot of Matthew Dunlap.

Matthew Dunlap

Systems Programmer/Analyst

A headshot of Deborah Ferguson.

Deborah Ferguson

Systems Administrator


A headshot of Don Sizemore.

Don Sizemore

Systems Programmer/Analyst

A headshot of Akio Sone.

Akio Sone

Applications Analyst

Qualitative Research Staff:

A headshot of Paul Mihas.

Paul Mihas

Assistant Director for Education and Qualitative Methods


Quantitative Research Staff:

A headshot of Cathy Zimmer.

Cathy Zimmer

Statistics Consultant

A headshot of Chris Wiesen.

Chris Wiesen

Statistics Consultant


Survey Research Staff:

No items found