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Providing trusted long-term preservation and stewardship of research data assets to broaden scientific inquiry, promote research reproducibility, and foster data fluency now and into the future.


About the Archive

The Odum Institute Data Archive is a leader in research data stewardship, with over 50 years of experience beginning with the acquisition of the Louis Harris Data Center in 1965. Our longstanding commitment to data access and research transparency has been a driving force behind ongoing efforts to enhance our infrastructure, workflows, and policies to ensure that the data assets in our care remain FAIRfindable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable–now and into the future.

We are home to one of the largest catalogs of social science research data in the U.S. which includes the Harris Polls, North Carolina Vital Statistics, and the most complete collection of 1970s U.S. Census data.

To demonstrate its commitment to achieving standards for trusted digital data repositories, the Odum Institute Archive Dataverse has earned the 2014-2017 Data Seal of Approval (DSA) and the 2020-2022 CoreTrust Seal. The CoreTrust Seal (formerly the Data Seal of Approval) is awarded to repositories that have been recognized among the archives community as a trusted source of data based on evidence of organizational infrastructure, digital object management, and technology support.

Odum Institute Data Archive policies are informed by policies and guidelines developed collaboratively by the members of the Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences (Data-PASS). Our systems and processes were further developed with industry standards and best practices for trustworthy digital data repositories in mind.

In collaboration with partner institutions and colleagues, our grant-funded research projects keep us abreast of the needs of our users, engaged with our own communities, and enhance our knowledge and skills in data management, reproducibility, and data repository development. Our projects build upon current and emerging research and give back to the users and communities we support every day.

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Archive Experts

A headshot of Cheryl Thompson.

Cheryl Thompson

Research Data Archivist

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Odum Institute Archive Dataverse

The Odum Institute Archive Dataverse is home to one of the largest catalogs of social science research data in the United States. Our collections include:

The Louis Harris Data Center Dataverse

North Carolina Vital Statistics

1970s U.S. Census data

We actively seek donations of data that complement the scope of our collections, in particular those datasets that focus on topics related to the Southern region of the United States and state-level public opinion polls. The Data Archive also prioritizes data considered to be at risk of being lost.

If you would like to donate your data to the Odum Institute Archive, please contact us at

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