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The Odum Institute offers consulting services covering all stages of research involving quantitative data, which is numerical data collected for the purpose of revealing broader trends in a population or group, and typically analyzed using statistics.

Areas covered include research design, data management, statistical analysis, network data analysis, text analysis and more. Our consultants can also assist with formatting reports and creating publication-ready tables and graphs.

Full-time Consulting Staff

If, after meeting with our online consultants, you require support more in-depth consulting, full-time quantitative research consulting staff members — listed below — are available to offer consultations for theses, dissertations, grant proposals, publications and other research requirements.

Short consultations are available free-of-charge to UNC students, faculty and staff, while more in-depth assistance and support is provided on a cost-reimbursement basis.

To request a consultation with any of our consultants, please call or email them using the information listed below.

Sandra Lee

Statistics Consultant


Chris Wiesen

Statistics Consultant



  • Basic Univariate & Bivariate Statistics
  • Categorical/Limited Dependent Variable Regression Models
  • Experimental design and analysis of variance
  • Generalized Linear Model
  • Hierarchical Linear Modeling or Mixed Models
  • Item Response Theory
  • Survival Analysis
  • Weighting Survey Data
  • Power and Sample Size
  • Survey Data (Complex Sampling Design) Analysis
  • Data visualization & presentation
  • Optimization Methods (EM, Newton-Raphson)


  • SAS
  • Stata
  • SPSS

Graduate Part-time Stats Desk Help

***Members of our survey research team can assist with survey design and distribution for quantitative data collection.

Online Statistical Support

Advanced graduate students are available to answer your statistical analysis and programing questions Monday through Friday during the hours noted in the schedule at the bottom of the page. We offer both in-person and online assistance.

For IN-PERSON assistance, please visit us at the Odum Institute in Davis Library.

ONLINE assistance is available Monday through Friday, 12pm-4pm. Use the zoom links below to access the virtual helpdesk.

Monday – Wednesday: (Unavailable from 7/22-7/24)

Thursday – Friday:

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Graduate Part-time Stats Desk Help

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Data Collection

Odum can help with quantitative data collection, including survey design and implementation, as well as assistance with database setup and uses.

For more information on our survey design and implementation support, please visit our survey page.

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