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The Odum Institute offers consulting on all aspects of survey methodology. Pending availability, our staff may be hired to program Qualtrics surveys/forms and/or collect your survey data for you, by being bid as personnel on grant-funded projects or hired through the Odum Institute recharge center.
We also manage and provide user support for the university hosting of Qualtrics, a powerful web-survey tool available free-of-charge to the UNC community.


Survey Research Consultations

Brief consultations are offered at no charge to the UNC–Chapel Hill community. We offer survey review and consultation to UNC faculty and staff, and to students working on dissertations, theses, or other research projects. We do not provide consultation on class projects or assignments. We are happy to consult with researchers writing funding proposals that include survey data collection.

For extended consultation, our time may be purchased on an hourly basis (by advance arrangement) through the Odum Institute recharge center.

To request a consultation, please email to set up an appointment.

Consultation TopicConsultant
Questionnaire DesignJessica Williams
Data Collection Modes and MethodsJessica Williams
Pretesting and Cognitive InterviewingJessica Williams
Applying for IRB ApprovalJessica Williams
Sample Design and Power CalculationsChris Wiesen
Analysis and WeightingChris Wiesen
QualtricsTyler Steelman

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Survey Data Collection

If you are looking for someone to conduct your survey, members of our survey group are available on a cost-reimbursement basis. As their time permits, our staff can help develop your survey, program it, conduct data collection, and provide a data file in your choice of format.

In addition to technical capabilities, our staff will offer consultation on questionnaire design and question wording, strategies for maximizing response rate and data quality, and other best practices for conducting a high-quality web survey.

For more information about our data collection services or to obtain a cost estimate for your project, please contact Jessica Williams at

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Below is a collection of resources that may be helpful to those seeking guidance in planning a survey to collect quantitative data.

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Qualtrics User Support

Qualtrics is a powerful web-survey tool that the Odum Institute survey research team brought to campus in 2006. It is browser-based, allowing researchers to access it from anywhere with an Internet connection, and allows users to build complex surveys, distribute them, and analyze the responses all from one place.

Any member of the UNC community can access and use Qualtrics free of charge by signing up through the UNC Qualtrics Portal.

We offer Qualtrics user support through walk-in consulting hours or email.

COVID-19 Update:

Qualtrics consulting hours continue to be held virtually instead of in person during the regularly scheduled hours (Mondays 1 to 4pm and Thursdays 10am to 1pm). To reach consultant Tyler Steelman over Zoom during these times, open your browser and go to You will enter the zoom virtual waiting room and be admitted immediately or as soon as Tyler finishes with the person before you. (If you have not used Zoom before, you may be prompted to allow installation on your computer first). You may use video during your session or not; your choice.

If Zoom doesn’t suit you, we are happy to talk with you over regular phone line. Email us your phone number and Tyler will call you when he has a free moment during the next consulting period. We will also continue to provide answers to simpler Qualtrics questions and issues directly over email. Our email address is listed below and messages are read and responded to on Mondays and Thursdays.


Mondays — 1PM – 4PM
Thursdays — 10AM – 1PM



Qualtrics consulting is for technical software questions only. For guidance on survey construction, question wording, and other methodological topics, please contact Jessica Williams at for an appointment.

Tips and Tricks for UNC Qualtrics Users (PDF)
Sharing Access to Qualtrics Surveys with Other Users (PDF)

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Qualtrics Programming Services

As availability allows, our staff may be hired to program Qualtrics surveys for UNC projects. For pricing, please contact Jessica Williams at

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