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CoreTrustSeal Certifies 100th Repository: Odum Institute Data Archive

05 November 2020 — Tokyo, Japan and The Hague, Netherlands
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The Odum Institute Data Archive is the 100th CoreTrustSeal-certified Trustworthy Data Repository.

The Odum Institute Data Archive is also the first repository to apply and be certified against the new CoreTrustSeal Requirements 2020–2022. This is an important milestone in the growth of the CoreTrustSeal community.

“As well as achieving the CoreTrustSeal Requirement expectations, Odum are a valuable and long-term contributor to the community and Assembly of Reviewers. We thank them for their support and congratulate them on their continued commitment to excellence in Trustworthy Data Repository practice” said Jonas Recker, Chair of the CoreTrustSeal Board.

“We are proud to be recognized by CoreTrustSeal and our peer institutions as a trustworthy repository. As recipients of the CoreTrustSeal 2020–2022, we are committed to upholding the standards established by our community and hope to highlight the importance of transparency and trustworthiness in archives for the researchers we serve.” – The Odum Institute Data Archive

Media Contacts

Jonas Recker, CoreTrustSeal Chair:
Kasha Ely, Manager of Marketing and Media Relations:

About Odum Institute Data Archive

The Odum Institute Data Archive has been a leader in research data stewardship for more than 50 years, beginning in 1965 with the acquisition of the Louis Harris Data Center. Our longstanding commitment to data access and research transparency has been a driving force behind ongoing efforts to enhance our infrastructure, workflows, and policies to ensure that the data assets in our care remain FAIR—findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable–now and into the future. Our mission is to provide trusted longterm preservation and stewardship of research data assets to broaden scientific inquiry, promote research reproducibility, and foster data fluency now and into the future.

About CoreTrustSeal

The CoreTrustSeal set up a standard and an audit process to evaluate and certify data repositories at the core level. CoreTrustSeal is an international, community-based, non-governmental, and non-profit organization promoting sustainable and trustworthy data infrastructures governed by a Standards and Certification Board composed of 12 elected members representing the Assembly of Reviewers. The history of the CoreTrustSeal Requirements can be traced back to the Research Data Alliance (RDA) identification that the community required a single core-level repository certification mechanism. The CoreTrustSeal was developed through a cooperative working group under the RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories IG and is an RDA-endorsed recommendation and output.

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