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A headshot of Mandy Gooch.

Mandy Gooch

Research Data Archivist

231G Davis Library

Mandy Gooch is a Research Data Archivist at the Odum Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She received her MSLS from UNC’s School of Information and Library Science. She works closely with students, faculty, and staff across the campus providing data management consultation and training. Additionally, she oversees the data verification service offered by Odum Institute and works with editors of social science journals to implement and maintain their data verification workflows throughout the manuscript submission process.

Mandy Gooch’s LinkedIn


Mandy is available to provide consulting and support in the following areas:

  • Donations to Odum Institute Archive Collections
  • UNC Dataverse support
  • Data management and curation
  • Data management plans
  • Data archiving and sharing
  • Data policy development and implementation
  • Reproducible research best practices
  • Data education and training
  • OSF Ambassador

Mandy Gooch’s CV