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Step 1: Preparing Materials

July 7, 2023

STEP 1: PREPARING MATERIALS File Organization (1.1) README (1.2) Describing Materials Within Your README README Template Exemplar READMEs README Checklist Codebook (1.3) Describing a Data File Within Your Codebook Codebook Template Exemplar Codebooks Codebook Checklist Data (1.4) Ethical Challenges to … Read more

State Politics & Policy Quarterly Journal Verification Framework

July 7, 2023

SPPQ JOURNAL VERIFICATION FRAMEWORK Guidance framework for complying with the State Politics & Policy Quarterly (SPPQ) data verification policy. SPPQ Data Verification Policy SPPQ Guidelines Verification Process Step 1: Preparing Materials Step 2: Reviewing Materials Step 3: Using SPPQ Dataverse … Read more

Journal Verification

February 6, 2023

JOURNAL VERIFICATION FRAMEWORK This framework is designed to help authors complying with the State Politics and Policy Quarterly (SPPQ) data verification policy to prepare their materials for verification by offering best practices and tips on package preparation, highlighting common errors, … Read more

Who, What, Why: UNC Dataverse

May 26, 2020

Who, What, Why: UNC Dataverse By Kyle Ryan Under the leadership of the Odum Institute Data Archive, we host and manage UNC Dataverse, an open-source repository software application for archiving, sharing, and accessing research data of all kinds. Each dataverse … Read more